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Happy New Year & The Gift of Blessing Others

Happy New Year & The Gift of Blessing Others

Recently West Coast Cowgirl had the amazing privilege of pouring into the lives of some very special individuals. 
January 08, 2018 by Kathy Stenberg
Dress Up Those Boots! 5 Ways to Wear “Boot Bling”

Dress Up Those Boots! 5 Ways to Wear “Boot Bling”

It’s officially boot season! And honestly, it’s boot season no matter the weather, am I right? While we tend to accessorize every other part of our wardrobe with jewelry, belts, and hats, we don’t often accessorize our feet, specifically our boots. 
December 21, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
10 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas for Your Next Holiday Cocktail Party

10 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas for Your Next Holiday Cocktail Party


This time of year is packed full of holiday gatherings. There are work parties, get-togethers among friends, and neighborhood gatherings. Don’t arrive empty-handed to your next holiday cocktail party. Find some creative and whimsical ideas from the list below.


Wine Glass Charms

These adorable wine glass charms will ensure no one forgets where they placed their wine glass. Plus, they’re cute and make fun conversation starters.


Erasable Wine Glass Markers - Even better, let everyone write their own names with these erasable wine glass markers. This set in particular comes in 5 colors. The marker dries in minutes and can be easily washed off with soap and water.


Cookie Mixes in a Jar - You can now purchase these at your local grocery store, but why not make your own? Follow the instructions for this Chocolate Peppermint Cookies in a Jar mix and surprise your host with her own jar of ready-made Christmas cookies.


Personalized Cork Coasters - These are fun and creative way to show appreciation to your host. You can purchase monogrammed cork coasters or make your own quite easily from supplies you can find at your local craft and DIY store.


DIY Herb or Spice Blends - A few glass jars, some recipes from Pinterest, and you have a homemade gift idea that is unique and delicious. Short on time? Wrap up spice or herb gift boxes. You can find various ones for every budget and any occasion.


Board Games - Think Jenga, Sorry, or Clue - a classic game that may bring back some favorite childhood memories. If your host and hostess have children, include a game for them like Candy Land or Headbandz.


Downton Abbey Wine Glasses - This is a perfect gift for that Downton Abbey fan! These wine glasses come in a set of 4, each with a different quote from the beloved character, Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham.


Personalized Ornaments - Many local craft fairs feature homemade Christmas ornaments that can be personalized, especially this time of year. If you’re crafty you can also choose from one of these ideas and make one specifically for your host and their family.


Which of these ideas would you bring to your next holiday cocktail party? What ideas would you add to this list?
December 12, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
New Outerwear Collection! Keep Yourself Cozy During Those Chilly Winter Days

New Outerwear Collection! Keep Yourself Cozy During Those Chilly Winter Days

Here at West Coast Cowgirl we have slowly been releasing a new clothing line to add to your own cowgirl fashion wardrobe. This week I’d like to introduce in detail our new Outerwear Collection - a unique selection of sweaters and jackets, just in time for the cold, snowy days that are ahead of us (or already here for some of us!) These fashionable pieces will keep you warm, while adding style and flair to your winter wardrobe.
December 08, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
6 Creative Ideas for Ladies Night Out (or Ladies Night In!)

6 Creative Ideas for Ladies Night Out (or Ladies Night In!)

When was the last time you spoiled yourself with a ladies night out? Here at West Coast Cowgirl we are all about making you feel special, whether it’s through wearing beautiful jewelry or treating yourself with a new handbag. There are also many other fun and creative ways to pamper yourself. Check out the ideas below and begin planning your next Ladies Night out today.


Fondue Party

Grab the fondue pot out of the back of your cupboard and enjoy dipping and eating the night away. There are several fondue recipes you can find on Pinterest. You can also come up with your own ideas such as fruit and white chocolate, pretzels and dark chocolate, or cubed bread and cheese.


80’s Night

Even if you didn’t live through the 80’s you can still enjoy them! Dress up in your favorite bright pink clothes and bold color styles. Rat your hair, wear those large hoop earrings, and place your favorite bangle bracelets on your wrists. Now you’re ready for a night of dancing and cocktails.


Paint & Sip Party

Have you heard of these painting parties? They seem to be all over the place these days. Everyone gathers at one person’s home and they enjoy a relaxing night of painting and sipping wine. Gather supplies, or have each lady bring a set of their own supplies, open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the evening.


Spa Night

This is a more traditional ladies night but still an old favorite. You can choose a theme or simply have different options available like a foot bath, face masks, and hand scrubs.


Movie Night

The possibilities are endless with this theme. Choose a romantic comedy, spooky horror, or action/adventure. Grab a few bags of popcorn, pour your favorite soda, and relax in front of the TV.


Cupcake Decorating Bar

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat? Set up your own cupcake bar. Bake a couple dozen cupcakes a few days ahead of the event. Each lady can bring their favorite cake topping - frosting, chocolate candies, sprinkles, crushed pretzels, gummy candy, and the like. Divide the cupcakes out among the ladies and begin creating.


Which ladies night out would you enjoy the best?


November 06, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
8 Skin Care Tips for Fall to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

8 Skin Care Tips for Fall to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

With Fall now in full swing, colder months are right around the corner. Many of us have already swapped our summer wardrobe for our more appropriate cool weather clothing. We also shop for new accessories such as longer necklaces to wear with sweaters, belts to wrap around our cool weather jackets, and hats to keep the cold wind off our face.

What about our skin care routine? The changing weather, from hot and sweaty to cold and drafty, can cause damage to our skin. We want to not only look good, but feel good with that new wardrobe, those new accessories, and yes, even our soft, smooth, and bright skin. Below are 8 of my top tips for taking care of your skin during the cold Autumn months.

Revisit your body cleanser. It’s time to say goodbye to soap. It can leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Use a creamy body wash or a soap-free hydrating cleanser instead.

Exfoliate with an oil-based scrub. There are so many of these scrubs available now. Find one that is hydrating and can be used a few times a week. Bonus if you find a scent you absolutely adore.

Trade lotion for cream. You will most likely need to moisturize your skin each and every day. Choose a body cream rather than a lotion. The best time to apply is right after the shower as soon as you’ve dried off with a towel. This locks the moisture in for even smoother softer skin.

Re-think your facial cleanser. Weather changes can cause someone with oily skin to now have dry patches on their face. Change your facial cleanser according to the needs of your skin. It can be a daunting task to decide which product is best for you. Do some research or ask someone at a beauty counter what they suggest.

Don’t forget the sunscreen. Although it’s now cooler outside, it does not mean you skip the sunscreen. In the fall months, we’re still outside enjoying the cooler weather. Always apply sunscreen before leaving your home.

Feet need skin care too. Your feet are now inside socks, shoes, and boots all day long. Find a foot scrub that you can use a few times a week while in the shower. Moisturizing your feet with body cream directly after showering can help lock that moisture in as well.

Stock up on the hand cream. Be sure to have hand cream in your purse or in your car, available where you can use it as needed. You are most likely washing your hands even more now, due to the cold and flu season. Hand cream will help keep those hands nice and moisturized.

What some of your favorite skin care tips for the Fall season?

October 23, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
8 Ways to Wear Western-Inspired Belts

8 Ways to Wear Western-Inspired Belts

Belts have become one of the newest fashion trends for this season, especially western-inspired pieces. You can spot many celebrities wearing them to accessorize their favorite outfits - skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and even jackets. West Coast Cowgirl has the perfect new belts to help you add creativity and fun to your own unique fashion style. Not only can belts help you keep things in place, they are also meant to flatter your figure and complete your favorite fall and winter outfits.

Here are 8 ways to use belts to accessorize your favorite styles.

  • Use a belt like the Criollo Silver Belt to smooth the area where a shirt is tucked into a skirt or pair of pants. This will not only smooth out those unseemly lumps but also add a sense of style to a more common look.
  • Wear a belt around your hips, with a loose-fitting untucked shirt or a straight-line dress. The braided no-buckle design of the Giara Tasseled Belt would be perfect for this style, as you can tie it around your waist, making it as loose or as snug as you’d like.
  • When layering your outfit with a longer sweater, like a boyfriend cardigan, add the Advika Leather Belt. Wear this accessory, available in 4 colors, over your cardigan to add definition and style to your layered outfit.
  • Break up the style of a solid colored dress by adding the Landais Belt to your ensemble. The thick style of this belt, which comes in 4 colors, is a traditional way to dress up a more simple and classic trend.
  • Notch and loop a skinny belt, such as the Kiso Leather Belt, with a pair of business casual trousers or to dress up a pair of your favorite weekend jeans. Don’t underestimate this simple piece. It adds a bit of flash with silver buckles worked around the length of the belt.
  • A large wide belt is the perfect accessory for those cooler fall days. The Morgan Leather Belt, is available in either brown or black, featuring a large jade stone in the middle of a beautiful brass buckle. Wrap this piece around your waist, on the outside of your fall jacket or light winter coat.
  • For those casual weekend outings, wear the Breton Silver Flower Belt with your favorite tunic and leggings outfit. You can set the belt to your desired length and style, while showcasing the beauty of the silver flower links.
  • We can’t forget the most common yet classic style of a western-inspired belt with your favorite pair of jeans. Our Mustang Belt in both brown and black is the perfect accompaniment for your comfortable and casual denims.

As you can see there are countless ways to wear the unique fashion style of belts, particularly western belts. 

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October 06, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
More Dresses! Featuring Medicine Horse Program

More Dresses! Featuring Medicine Horse Program

Who doesn’t love a new fall wardrobe? This month we continue to feature our new dress line, with 8 new dresses, just in time for the cooler season.

You all know how much we love horses at West Coast Cowgirl. We chose the Horse Medicine Program in Boulder, CO, for this second dress shoot. Medicine Horse Program enhances the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, and families by providing group and individual therapy sessions that focus on healing. We love their passion about what they do!

With Kathy in this picture are Chris and Tabitha, 2 dedicated staff members of Medicine Horse. We want to thank them for allowing us to use this facility to debut our new dress line. You can thank them as well by visiting their website at

The dresses! Oh how we love our new dress line. The best part about it is there’s a style and color for everyone. Let’s begin. :) Welara Dress is a beautiful paisley with a mix of blues, aquas, and pinks, and a highlight of caramel color throughout. As you can see it pairs beautifully with our Totsi Jewelry Set. You can also add the Artemis bracelet to bring out the aqua tones in this long flowy dress.

The next piece is our Noma Dress, a very simple yet sophisticated style that can be dressed down or dressed up, depending on the occasion. I’m wearing the Aeris Concho Choker, full of filigree detail and round silver accents - a perfect accessory for this delicate piece.

One of our longer dresses in this series is our Galician Dress. Although long and narrow it leaves plenty of room to enjoy a day out with your friends or a walk with your family through the park. This piece offers the perfect backdrop to our Shadow of Moonlight Squash Blossom Necklace or the Anjeni Choker. It also looks elegant with the Sundance Crystal Bracelet, which comes in your choice of colored crystals.

The Eriskay Dress is certainly to become a favorite. Pair this with gray or black leggings and your favorite boots, and you are ready to begin your day. Add a pop of color with the Cowgirl Love Cross Necklace or keep it subtle with the New Friends Layered Necklace, in your choice of silver or gold.

The Choctaw Dress is perfect for date night with your significant other, or a night out with friends. With hues of red, blue, caramel, and charcoal grey, our Quidam Bracelet, in either turquoise or red, will be a fun accessory. Couple this with the Taima Ring and you have a complete outfit.

The Sumba Dress is another style that will look great with a pair of leggings and your favorite boots. This dress boasts deep colors like chocolate brown, gold, and magenta. Add our Happenstance Hoop Earrings in gold, and for an even fancier touch, our Prisha Feather Headband.

The playful yet elegant dress, the Basque, displays bright pink and yellow flowers with hints of green, gold, and blue. Our beautiful luminous shell dangles, the Tyra Earrings, will look elegant against this bright colorful outfit. Wear one or stack a few of our Kelso Bracelet Bangles.

And last but certainly not least, the Azteca Dress is perfect to display your most brilliant and unique pieces. Our Summer Eclipse Necklace or Walking Thunder Necklace will most certainly stand out against the backdrop of this dark mocha style. You can also dress up this piece with the Redmond Beaded Cuff Bracelet, which is available in 13 varied colors.

We would like to personally thank the staff and volunteers at Medicine Horse for being such gracious hosts during our photo shoot. I’m honored to be able to collaborate with such a wonderful organization.

Be sure to visit Medicine Horse to find out more about how they support people from many populations and with varied needs through their unique equine-assisted experiences.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our dress line as well. Visit the Dress Shop here at West Coast Cowgirl.

October 02, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
Check Out What's New!  A Dress Line Just In Time For Fall

Check Out What's New! A Dress Line Just In Time For Fall

We are so excited to debut our new line of dresses to West Coast Cowgirl! This launch is extra special to us for many reasons. You may notice that the photos of our dress line include a model and a horse theme. Our founder, Kathy is modeling many of the the new dresses at a horse rescue that holds a very special place in her heart - Friends of Horses Rescue & Adoption. Friends of Horses is owned by a friend, Bill Stiffler (pictured left, with Kathy). Kathy is a life-long lover (and owner) of horses and proudly supports many horse rescue organizations.

Photographs of Kathy modeling the new pieces were taken by our very talented friend and photographer Liz and Liz Earl Photography.

To start off our collection, Kathy is wearing our new Altai Denim Mini Dress. This dress hasAltai Denim Dress buttoned up long sleeves and a criss-cross drawstring in the front that can be tied or let loose. To add a bit of color to this outfit, this dress would pair nicely with our Spell Bound bracelet.


The Pampa Maxi Dress is a beautiful red dress with accent colors of navy blue, orange, baby blue, and brown. This piece is completely buttoned down in the front so you can wear it modestly or keep a few of the buttons unfastened to show off those cowboy boots. Kathy is modeling the Raven Bracelet to complete this striking outfit. This natural stone handmade bracelet is filled with a beautiful mixture of colored jasper stone beads and is nicely paired with your favorite stone necklace such as the Omah Necklace.




The Caspian Dress is a perfect pair with cowboy boots (but what dress doesn’t go with cowboy boots, am I Caspian Dressright?). Our patterned ¾ sleeve burgundy and white dress boasts hints of orange, pink and turquoise. This short dress features a button down front with a faux tie just below the bust line. Kathy is also modeling the dress with our Artemis Bracelet, an earthy wrap 5-layer bracelet with blue lapis Lazuli and turquoise beads, perfectly bringing out the hints of turquoise and pink in this dress.


This piece is completely buttoned down in the front so you can wear it modestly or keep a few of the buttons unfastened to show off those cowboy boots. Kathy is modeling the Raven Bracelet to complete this striking outfit. This natural stone handmade bracelet is filled with a beautiful mixture of colored jasper stone beads and is nicely paired with your favorite stone necklace such as the Omah Necklace.


Fleuve Lace DressA super versatile dress in our collection is the Fleuve Lace Dress. This light pink dress has intricate lace detail on the top part of the dress in both the front and back. This sheer lined dress flawlessly drapes over you which means you can dress it up with a pair of heels, along with our Talyn Ring Set, adding variety and distinction to this outfit, or you can dress it down for a fun Saturday night out with cowboy boots and our Kate Jeweled Baseball Cap.


The Sella Lace Dress is a form-fitting dress with lace overlay and elbow length sleeves is Sella Lace Dressperfect for a more formal event. Our snakeskin Jameela Clutch would accent this dress perfectly adding a bit of bling to an already elegant dress. A number of our bracelets can be paired with this outfit, including the the Primrosa Bracelet, Simply Sensational Bracelet, or for a bit of color flash, our Tobiana Bracelet.


We are very proud of our new dress line and how well they will accentuate your cowgirl wardrobe. Kathy loved shooting the photos on the Friends of Horses Rescue, and catching up with Bill. And Liz always does a great job with any photography requests we make.


Pair any of our new pieces with our jewelry, handbags, or hats and add a variety to your wardrobe for the upcoming fall season.


September 15, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg
How to Accessorize With Bracelets

How to Accessorize With Bracelets

Many women consider adding a bracelet to an outfit already accessorized with a necklace and earrings a bit overkill. Some might even say gaudy. Some women have stopped wearing bracelets all together. When asked why they gave up bracelets, they say: they’re too clunky, they’re never occasion appropriate, and most often heard, bracelets are too hard to match with my other accessories.

If your bracelet complaints are similar, then we have good news. Below you’ll find a list of 10 tips on how to accessorize with bracelets.


1) Get chunky bangles you’ve had your eyes on.


The last thing you want at the office is to be disrupting the work environment with the sound of your bangles clanking together. If you’re choosing a bracelet for work, pick one that is thinner in width; one that is stylish but at the same time unobtrusive. A neutral gold or silver toned bracelet might look good with a stylish two-piece suit paired along with a chain necklace.


2) Don’t be afraid to mix and match widths, colors, and patterns.

We covered this in a recent blog post as well. Donning a couple bracelets of different color, pattern, and size is a good way to add visual interest to your outfit. When it comes to picking out bracelets to stack, trust your own judgment, find bracelets that compliment but don’t match each other perfectly.


3) Black Dress + Metallic Bracelet = Classic Combo

If you’re ever wearing a cute little black dress and are overwhelmed with the possibilities of how to accessorize, a simple gold or silver bracelet is a classic and timeless way to dress it up. If you want to get a little matchy, this is the perfect occasion to do so. A black dress accessorized with a silver and turquoise bracelet and the same-hued hoop earrings is set to be a stunner.


4) DO NOT mix metals.

If you’re going gold, go all the way. Combining metals in your accessories is risky, and doesn’t always lead to the fashionable payout you think it will. When it doubt, stick to one metal.


5) Comfort comes first.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if the bracelet looks too big on your wrist, it isn’t going to be a good buy regardless of how stunning it looks. You don’t want to spend the time wearing it constantly wondering if it’s still there, and after it falls off (which it will) where you dropped it. Do yourself a favor, and find a beautiful bracelet that fits, and feels comfortable.


6) Get a bracelet that has a dual function.

Did you know that you can purchase a bracelet that doubles as a watch? Odds are, you probably heard of them, and maybe even already considered adding one to your hoard of accessories. I’m just giving you the go ahead.


7) Have fun matching beaded bracelets.

Beaded bracelets are comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly fun to style. Of course you could wear just one, but if you’re going for a more boho-chic look, get ready to stack. A wrist full of turquoise beads and a flowing long sleeve maxi dress is the perfect statement look for warmer months. You can even find a variety of skull bracelets to add an edgier vibe to your outfit!


8) Less is more.

Don’t go bangle crazy, or bog your poor wrists down with too many heavy bracelets. They deserve better than that, and so do you.


9) DO consider the length of your sleeve.

This may seem like common sense, but it important to reiterate. If you’re going to be wearing a long sleeved blouse, or pullover, it doesn’t make sense to add a bracelet that no one will see. Save them for shorter sleeves, or sleeves that are ¾ length.



10) Buy a bracelet that you will wear more than once.

Almost everyone has had experiences with the 'impulse buy', and not all of them have been pleasant. Take time to think where you're going to wear your splurge, the miles you'll get out of your new bracelet. If the answer is once and done, then don't make the purchase.

August 25, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg