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The Comeback Pearl

The Comeback Pearl

Pearls have long been a favored fine gem among the upper classes and elite. Though not really a gemstone, these beauties of the sea speak of elegance and grace, and were once known as the Queen of Gems. A true, real pearl, farm grown or naturally cultivated still costs a tidy sum. Pearl-diving is strenuous, often dangerous work, and it takes up to a year or more for them form. Pearls have also been seen intimately connected with older women, with younger generations shying away from wearing them; many of us can remember Grandma’s pearl strand necklace.

But times change, and so does the illustrious pearl. Gone are the days of old-fashioned pearl jewelry, and in are a variety of pearly trends sure to excite anyone looking to dress up an outfit, no matter your age. Faux pearls are also more highly coveted, with today’s sophisticated manufacturing of man-made pearls making it hard to tell imitation from the real deal.

Western Style jewelry has also embraced the pearl. With many of the latest designs being reminiscent of the Victorian era, today’s pieces tie in the timelessness of days by, with a bit of elegance and adventuresome spirit. This is not to say pearls with a western flair are stuffy or old fashioned. On the contrary, today’s jewelry accented with pearls work well with more modern materials and in combination with different styles. The end result is a bit of beautiful elegance which can subtly add to a casual outfit, or stunning statements which proudly shows off your own independent spirit.

At West Coast Cowgirl, we have some simple and intricate pearl accented jewelry sure to please. Our Umbra Necklace combines a bit of elegance with a whimsical flair in the double pearl pendant. Our Sunshine Heart earrings add a splash glitz highlighted by two faux pearls in each, perfect for a big night out when you want to make a splash yourself.

We have posted about Western Style chokers, which make a strong fashion statement themselves. Adding in a pearl accent can make for some enchanting designs. The of our double leather My Lucky Charm choker is set off with a touch of class by the dangling pearl, one of the various charms you can select to go with this casual design. 

Anyone who wants to turn heads with a bit of Victorian flair, or set off a Western-Steampunk ensemble, won’t go wrong with our Baby Doll Floral Choker. The faux pearls set against soft, grey velvet are timeless in their allure. style jewelry accented with pearls brings a bit of elegance and simple beauty to whatever you wear. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly so be sure to check back often.