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About Us -

There’s a little cowgirl in all of us ~ Inviting, passionate, and untamed. At West Coast Cowgirl, we cater to the free spirit within you. We pride ourselves on a special line of products unique on its own, yet tailored to fit your everyday style. Many items we offer are handcrafted by artists who are experts in taking the latest trends and blending them with a sparkle of originality. We strive to find unique items that will set you apart from everyone else. 

We are an eCommerce store operating out of Colorado, USA.  We have eliminated brick and mortar store fronts and pass on the savings to our beautiful cowgirls.

As a lifelong lover and owner of horses, a portion of our sales are donated to various animal rescue agencies across the nation.

You will always receive free shipping on your orders over $50 and please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery as many of our products are handcrafted. We source our inventory from international warehouses to keep prices affordable for our ladies.

Enjoy your visit to West Coast Cowgirl.

Black Forest, Colorado Est. 1999