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How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

A fence provides an amazing slate for holiday decor, and doing it right is dependent on your style and budget. Whether you are creating something spectacular for a commercial property or whether you are attempting to make your ranch or neighborhood sparkle, you can put some important principles together to make your display dazzling.

Type of Fence

The fence you are working with will play a major part in your decorative efforts. Chain link provides different challenges and benefits than a wooden fence offers. As you work with a more solid fencing material, you have the benefit of a basic color in the background. You can use color contrasts to create visibility in your display. Chain link fencing, meanwhile, produces a more transparent background, allowing your decorative elements to blend with the landscape. You’ll need bulkier decorating material to achieve good visibility and contrast.

Weather Concerns

Your fence decor can be impacted quickly by winter weather events. A huge windstorm can remove garland in an instant. Excessive snow can interfere with illumination. Use reliable mounting materials to keep your decorative elements in place. Find water-resistant materials to use in creating garlands or pictorial displays. Make sure that your lighting components are able to withstand rain and snow.

Decorative Approaches

Garland is a popular option for basic fence decor. While most professionals are looking for something distinguished to please their customers, it’s good to start with the basics. As you expand, you can make the look unique for each client. As you decide on the right garland for accenting a fence, consider whether the decor will stand alone or whether it will coordinate with additional yard decor.

Greenery is always appropriate, and when it’s used for a fence, thicker material will stand out. Artificial greens tend to be better for long-term use as you don’t have to worry about the materials drying out and losing needles. Accents for the greens can include pinecones, bows, bulbs or lights. This type of garland is excellent for any type of fence, but make sure that you use more bulk on a chain-link fence. You can also consider tinsel garland or lush ribbon as an alternative, but make sure that the bulk is enough to stand out and that the material will stand up to the weather trends of the season.

Draping Your Garland

Draped garlands tend to create more drama and appeal in your work. It’s essential that you aim for consistency as you hang the garland. Imprecise placement can look sloppy and unprofessional. Plan before you actually order your materials so that you can place them without running short. Take time to carefully test a length of material to evaluate how it hangs. Measure for midpoints between posts, making light marks to ensure that you are able to precisely place each section. Use wiring, zip ties or twist ties to hold the pieces in place at critical points. Use decorative enhancements at the posts and throughout the garland strands to add lighting and color. You can opt for colorful choices or more natural materials. Just make sure that you are consistent in your placement so that you achieve an attractive display.

Lighting Your Fence

Novelty lights can provide lots of enjoyment in your fence decor. However, sloppy hanging is a big mistake. Take time to be sure that your strands are sufficient for your plans. It’s helpful to work with DIY products to make your own custom strands so that you are sure that your lengths and bulb placements are just right.

Characters and Symbols

Whether you love reindeer or snowmen, you can add some fun accents to your fence decor on a small or large scale. Find character yard stakes that can be placed along the fence to display penguins, Christmas bulbs or a nativity scene. Add specialty lights to create fun effects. A red bulb is the perfect Rudolph’s nose. A light-up Christmas star works well with a nativity. Find a holographic decorative set like a Christmas train to outline the fence. Metal and wooden figures are great for expanding or developing your decorative theme. Find themed fence toppers to add character to wooden fence decor.

Use the Entire Fence

Don’t miss the important area at the base of your fence. Most fence decor for the holidays focuses on the placement of materials at the top. However, you can use the base to place giant candy canes, oversized bulbs or additional garland. Mount items close to the fence to avoid their loss in winds. Weave tinsel through chain link sections. Use fun and active items like pinwheels to add motion to the scene.

A fence doesn’t have to be overdone to be beautifully decorated. You can aim for simple elegance. You can also opt for kid-friendly themes and lots of glitz and glamour. It’s important to decide on a theme that will complement additional display decor behind the fence so that each component works together to achieve an exceptional overall effect.


Cowgirl Pledge

At West Coast Cowgirl, we cater to the free spirit within you. We pride ourselves on a special line of products tailored to fit your everyday style. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  Have a beautiful day.

November 06, 2019 by Kathy Stenberg
How To Rock Silver Like The Star You Are

How To Rock Silver Like The Star You Are

Whether it’s a silver necklace, bracelet or silver statement rings, there seems to be a growing demand for silver accessories.

Perhaps you’re one of the many who have decided to make room in your jewelry box for some silver pieces. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to learn how to wear them. Here are some tips for pairing that silver with your wardrobe so you always look like the rock star you are.


If you really want your sterling silver statement rings to pop on your fingers, consider wearing them with block colors. The best choices are black, white, and grey. They create a cohesive backdrop for showcasing your silver rings.

Wearing block colors gives your outfit some style without taking away from your silver accessories. darker jewel tones, such as burgundy, royal or navy blue, and eggplant also work for color blocking as a neutral palette for your silver pieces.


For bracelets or rings, silver mixed with gold tends to work better than with necklaces. Unless you’re pairing your silver with a fancy evening gown, mixing metals is generally not recommended. Instead, let the silver be the star of the show by wearing it on its own.

At night, mix a simple silver necklace with matching shoes and a handbag. During the day, wear a delicate silver necklace to work or for lunch with friends by pairing it with a t-shirt or a simple dress.


When you wear simple silver rings or a simple silver necklace or bracelet, you can pair either accessory with a pattern on your outfit. However, if your silver jewelry is more detailed and intricate, it’s best to let it shine by wearing it with an outfit that is a solid color and that isn’t too busy or bright. In either case, allow your silver to take center stage and don’t end up wearing an outfit that is too much to look at or that looks cheap.

Cocheta Heart Necklace


If you have several simple silver rings, consider wearing them all at once for an elegant and modern look that is enhanced when compared to wearing each of them alone. Make sure the edges are flat so they nestle together on your finger and that they aren’t too detailed to make your hand look busy and overdone.

If you have one funky ring, go ahead and stack it, but make sure the others are basic. Don’t wear too many or your fingers will look too busy and it might not be all that comfortable either.


If you’re looking for a western or cowgirl look, wear your silver rings or necklaces with leather. Both tan and black leather work for this style choice as long as the item isn’t too busy itself. Stay away from studded leather or pieces that have a lot of zippers.

Instead, wear your silver with a simple leather jacket or vest layered over a tank top or t-shirt. You can also pair a leather jacket with an evening dress and heels to give your silver pieces a night on the town look that you’ll love.


As mentioned above, silver pairs best with black, grey, white and jewel tones. On the other hand, silver shouldn’t be worn with some shades. The main colors to stay away from are anything pastel, including baby blue, lilac, or pale pink. A simple silver necklace won’t stand out as well against these colors and tends to get lost in the outfit.

You should also stay away from bright colors like green and yellow because they’ll take over the silver color and you won’t find your pieces standing out as well against these hues.


The great thing about silver is that it can be worn year-round since it pairs best with neutral colors. Wear your silver necklaces and rings all year round, summer to winter. Pair your silver with black or grey year-round as well.

When it comes to wearing jewel tones with your silver, this is the iconic option for the holiday season, especially if you choose ruby red or emerald green as a backdrop for your chains.

Fabian Necklace and Earring set


When you wear your silver rings, keep the look of your nails in mind. Even the best and most beautiful silver ring will lose some of its impact if your nails look like you've been mucking stalls all day.

Because your ring will likely draw the eye to your hands, be sure your nails are well manicured. That means clipped evenly, buffed, filed and painted. Even a clear coat is better than nothing.


If you don’t already have a silver piece or two, it’s time to start shopping. You’ll love the new heights that your outfits go to when you pile on some silver instead of gold. Whether it’s for work or for date night, bring some new drama and dimension to any outfit with a lovely silver piece around your neck or on your fingers. You won’t be sorry!

Need more style tips? Find advice on a wide range of topics at West Coast Cowgirl.

JOMO - The joy of missing out

JOMO - The joy of missing out

In our world filled with social media available 24/7, many have acquired a fear called FOMO - the fear of missing out. What if we looked at it from a different perspective? JOMO. The joy of missing out. 
December 07, 2018 by Kathy Stenberg
Get Yourself a Vegan Handbag, or Two or Three

Get Yourself a Vegan Handbag, or Two or Three

In the world of fashion, leather is still a very popular material. But not everyone wants to have leather in their closet. We have gone from a time when real fur was all the rage, and everyone who was anyone had a mink stole, to finding man-made options which can reproduce the look and feel of luxury without harming any animals. Leather clothes and accessories are also seeing a similar shift, with man-made, faux, or as the new buzz word calls it, vegan materials replacing the real McCoy.

When you hear the term vegan, most likely you think of a specific diet which omits any meat, dairy or egg products. But there is more to being vegan than just food.  A vegan approach takes all animal products into consideration, searching for non-animal alternatives. Many fashion designers are listening to consumers who are seeking solutions to classic fashion styles and elements. Vegan Fashion gives the look and feel of leather and luxury, at a lower cost, and without harming any animals; these are clothes and accessories with a conscience.

Western-style fashion may have embraced leather for generations, but that doesn’t
mean a socially conscious cowgirl can’t find alternatives. At West Coast Cowgirl, we have you covered, especially when it comes to handbags and purses. Yes, we need a practical carry-all for our essentials, but there is nothing that says your handbag can’t have style, enhance your outfit or make a statement all its own. 

Western-style handbags come in a variety of materials, and make a great fashion statement themselves. Vegan bags are a wonderful solution for the look and feel of leather, while being animal-friendly too. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly so be sure to check back often.


Jewelry Sets Make a Bold Statement

Jewelry Sets Make a Bold Statement

One way to make a bold statement about your Western sense of style is with jewelry sets. These typically consist of a necklace and matching earrings. These pairings make creating an ensemble of accessories simple and convenient. West Coast Cowgirl has several sets which will make you stand out from the crowd. When you want to get noticed, whether in the board room or out on the town, a striking necklace with vibrant earrings will set off any outfit with beauty and class. bold pieces of turquoise will make you the Talk of the Town, especially with our jewelry set of the same name. Set in silver plating, this necklace features a large stone pendant and oval pieces which are duplicated in the matching earrings. The vibrant color works great with black, be it a business suit or little black dress.

You can take a layered look to a whole new level with our Moonlights Kiss jewelry set. necklace of two delicate gold chains are set off with beads and two pieces of turquoise, one of which resembles a tusk. With earring in the same style, the set brings a bit of the wild together with a touch of elegance. a big night out where nothing but elegance will do, the multiple strands of our Fidela Necklace set will make you feel like a queen. Seven strands of gold beads are set off with different accent colors, so you can pair this set up with your favorite dress or outfit. Color choices include onyx, linen, coral and turquoise. The matching earrings ad a splash of color, and will set off your neckline with elegance, especially with an up-do. Have a bit of fun with more than one set, you can swap out the earrings for an extra bit of drama.

Our Casse Noisette Jewelry set makes a truly bold Western style statement. Designed a squash blossom motif, this stunning set brings a classic Navajo art form to the forefront of your jewelry collection. Traditional squash blossom necklaces often include turquoise stones. With a Casse Noisette set, you can choose between turquoise, coral and onyx. The earrings also follow the squash blossom motif, making for a complete ensemble.

Western style jewelry sets make a bold statement, and are a convenient way to accessorize with flair. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or you’re ready to treat yourself to something new, you will find that we are adding products regularly so be sure to check back often.



Eye Catching Jewelry Trends for 2017

Eye Catching Jewelry Trends for 2017

A new year means new fashion ideas. Wearing jewelry and adorning with accessories will always be a popular way to show off your own style. Fashion experts and magazines will differ in the details, but current fashion ideas are clear to see a variety of applications. Western-style accessories and jewelry, many which you can readily find on West Coast, are right in line with what are being touted as 2017 Jewelry trends.

Shining, dangling earrings are making a comeback. There is even a growing trend to wear one long, glitzy or big hoop earring only. Whether you go for a single one or a pair, earrings that sparkle and shine draw attention to your face and hair, and make an ideal complimentary statement. Our Anevay totem tassel earrings will be sure to turn heads and make others take notice. For some elegant dangling glitz, try our Phoebe Chandelier earrings, perfect for an evening out.

We have already talked about the big trend in  layered bracelets. Now, layered necklaces are getting into the mix. Wearing several necklaces together allows for a great way to mix and match your moods and outfits. We make it even easier by offering a variety of layered necklaces, providing multiple strands within one piece, a great practical idea to help keep your chains from tangling while worn. Some of our layered necklaces also showcase another growing trend for 2017, the talisman, or good luck 

charm necklace. Dangling charms have moved from bracelets to chains, giving us another way to make a symbolic statement in the jewelry we wear. Our New Friends Layered Necklace comes in silver and gold, and includes dangling feather and coin charms. A fun and bright good luck charm piece can also be found with our Wealth & Plenty Necklace. These beaded necklaces include classic western charms for wealth and abundance. Put one of these on, and you are sure to feel lucky.

Another trend for the year are tassels. These fringe heavy adornments made a big splash in fashion circles with the growing popularity of the Steampunk movement. But Tassels have been long used in western wear, and still make an excellent color statement. Wear a touch of the Victorian era when going out on the town with our Tender Mist earrings. Our Ocean Breeze Necklace combines the allure of the tassel with the statement of layering chains into one piece.

Fashion trends come and go, yet classic elements remain exciting to wear as you can see in the big 2017 jewelry trends. The start of a new year is also a great time to refresh your accessory collection. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone, or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly, so be sure to check back often.