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8 Ideas That Can Keep You Sane While Being Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

8 Ideas That Can Keep You Sane While Being Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine

As a result of COVID-19, many of us suddenly have a lot more free time on our hands, and we don't know what to do with it.
If social distancing and state regulations have you stuck inside going stir crazy, there are several activities you can do to pass the time and keep yourself grounded.

Below you will find suggestions from West Coast Cowgirl for how to stay busy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Playing in Nature

Mom playing with her daughter on a horse

If you have animals go out and play with them! They aren't worried and will help keep you grounded. If not, go for a walk or hike, have a picnic in your yard, or just sit outside and remember all the things we have to be grateful for like:

Time with family
More alone time for self-care
How communities are coming together in this riveting time
Food and shelter

Arts and Crafts

Kids playing with arts and crafts

Whether you have little ones or not, arts and crafts are always fun! Even if it's coloring in a coloring book, adults and children alike enjoy these projects. If you don't have any paint or crayons, get creative. You can upcycle your empty food cans into vases by covering with fabric or cutout magazines, remember the necklaces made from macaroni? Chalk art? Why not? Now that we have extra time our creative juices can flow.

Visit a Museum online

Visiting a museum online

If you're hungry for some culture and want to quench your thirst for knowledge then now is the time to check out the best virtual museum tours, right from the comfort of your own home.
We found 10 museums you can virtually visit on the Smithsonian Magazine site.
How about the Guggenheim or the Vatican museums? The Anne Frank House?


Workout at home.  Home Gym

With all the gyms closed, we have to find ways to move our bodies which helps keep our immune systems strong. There are lots and lots of workout videos on Youtube. If you don't have any workout equipment at home and don't want to buy any online, you will be able to find lots of videos that don't require weights. Don't forget about yoga. Besides being amazing for your body. it's also amazing for your mind and has a calming effect and helps get you grounded. Don't forget about dancing, playing and wrestling with your kids!
Golds Gym is offering free access to its app, Goldsamp, until the end of May, where more than 600 audio and video workouts along with DJ mixes get you ready to work up a sweat. Planet Fitness is offering "Home Work-Ins" streamed live at 7 p.m. ET daily on its Facebook page.


Home Projects

DIY and Home Projects to work on during Coronavirus

Plant trees and start getting your garden ready. There is nothing more grounding or mind clearing as getting your hands in the dirt. It's also a FUN family project and mother nature will thank you for it.
De-Cluttering is another mind cleaning journey that we sometimes avoid but once we get in the groove of it, we flow and the finished project feels so good. We like Marie Kondo's idea "Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy."
Tackle some Spring Cleaning projects. Don't try to get all your spring cleaning done in one day. Focus on one room at a time and schedule different rooms for different days. Divide the jobs -- vacuuming, dusting, window washing, organizing -- among family members.
Interior paint is a great room refresher. Painting a small bathroom and adding artwork can brighten up your home. Touch up painting or re-staining/painting baseboards add a fresh look.


Take a FREE Online Class

 Take a FREE online Class

Now that social distancing and shelter-at-home policies are in place across the country, taking an online course is a good opportunity to pass time, learn something new, or advance your career.
We found this site that has 45 FREE online classes offering ways to learn something new or up-level your career.
There are FREE online courses from some of the best colleges in the United States. Here's a link to Business Insiders reviews.

Connect with Friends and Family

Connect with Friends and Family via phone and video

Video chatting and phone calls enable heart to heart conversations across any distance. What a great way to stay in touch to feel the human connection that might be waning in isolation.
Here are some apps that can help keep you connected.
Facebook Messenger: This app has video and audio call features that can connect up to six people at once.
FaceTime: FaceTime is available on all iPhones, and only between iPhone users. It allows up to 32 people to join one video call.
Skype: Skype is one of the top video chat apps, it allows up to 50 people to be on a call.
Zoom: Zoom video free version can connect up to 100 people at one time.
WhatsApp: WhatsApp has a video chat platform that allows up to four people to come together at a time.
Google Duo: Google Duo allow up to 8 people to be on one call.
Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts allows up to 10 people to participate.
Sending out a simple text or email when someone comes into your mind is a great way to tell someone you're thinking about them and their well being.

Discover a New Hobby

Discover a new hobby

Everyone needs a hobby and maybe you already have one but now is a great time to discover other exciting things you may be interested in. The perfect hobby is one that lets you tap into some of your energy and creativity but doesn't tap into your wallet too hard.

West Coast Cowgirl has some ideas that you might vibe with:
Raising/Fostering animals
Working out
Knitting or Crocheting
Baking or Cooking
Brewing Beer
Fermenting Wine
Learn a new language
Becoming a movie buff

All of us at West Coast Cowgirl care about your health and safety during this interesting time. We thank you for supporting our small business and we continue to be here to serve you. Sending love and blessings to all of you. 💙



How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

A fence provides an amazing slate for holiday decor, and doing it right is dependent on your style and budget. Whether you are creating something spectacular for a commercial property or whether you are attempting to make your ranch or neighborhood sparkle, you can put some important principles together to make your display dazzling.

Type of Fence

The fence you are working with will play a major part in your decorative efforts. Chain link provides different challenges and benefits than a wooden fence offers. As you work with a more solid fencing material, you have the benefit of a basic color in the background. You can use color contrasts to create visibility in your display. Chain link fencing, meanwhile, produces a more transparent background, allowing your decorative elements to blend with the landscape. You’ll need bulkier decorating material to achieve good visibility and contrast.

Weather Concerns

Your fence decor can be impacted quickly by winter weather events. A huge windstorm can remove garland in an instant. Excessive snow can interfere with illumination. Use reliable mounting materials to keep your decorative elements in place. Find water-resistant materials to use in creating garlands or pictorial displays. Make sure that your lighting components are able to withstand rain and snow.

Decorative Approaches

Garland is a popular option for basic fence decor. While most professionals are looking for something distinguished to please their customers, it’s good to start with the basics. As you expand, you can make the look unique for each client. As you decide on the right garland for accenting a fence, consider whether the decor will stand alone or whether it will coordinate with additional yard decor.

Greenery is always appropriate, and when it’s used for a fence, thicker material will stand out. Artificial greens tend to be better for long-term use as you don’t have to worry about the materials drying out and losing needles. Accents for the greens can include pinecones, bows, bulbs or lights. This type of garland is excellent for any type of fence, but make sure that you use more bulk on a chain-link fence. You can also consider tinsel garland or lush ribbon as an alternative, but make sure that the bulk is enough to stand out and that the material will stand up to the weather trends of the season.

Draping Your Garland

Draped garlands tend to create more drama and appeal in your work. It’s essential that you aim for consistency as you hang the garland. Imprecise placement can look sloppy and unprofessional. Plan before you actually order your materials so that you can place them without running short. Take time to carefully test a length of material to evaluate how it hangs. Measure for midpoints between posts, making light marks to ensure that you are able to precisely place each section. Use wiring, zip ties or twist ties to hold the pieces in place at critical points. Use decorative enhancements at the posts and throughout the garland strands to add lighting and color. You can opt for colorful choices or more natural materials. Just make sure that you are consistent in your placement so that you achieve an attractive display.

Lighting Your Fence

Novelty lights can provide lots of enjoyment in your fence decor. However, sloppy hanging is a big mistake. Take time to be sure that your strands are sufficient for your plans. It’s helpful to work with DIY products to make your own custom strands so that you are sure that your lengths and bulb placements are just right.

Characters and Symbols

Whether you love reindeer or snowmen, you can add some fun accents to your fence decor on a small or large scale. Find character yard stakes that can be placed along the fence to display penguins, Christmas bulbs or a nativity scene. Add specialty lights to create fun effects. A red bulb is the perfect Rudolph’s nose. A light-up Christmas star works well with a nativity. Find a holographic decorative set like a Christmas train to outline the fence. Metal and wooden figures are great for expanding or developing your decorative theme. Find themed fence toppers to add character to wooden fence decor.

Use the Entire Fence

Don’t miss the important area at the base of your fence. Most fence decor for the holidays focuses on the placement of materials at the top. However, you can use the base to place giant candy canes, oversized bulbs or additional garland. Mount items close to the fence to avoid their loss in winds. Weave tinsel through chain link sections. Use fun and active items like pinwheels to add motion to the scene.

A fence doesn’t have to be overdone to be beautifully decorated. You can aim for simple elegance. You can also opt for kid-friendly themes and lots of glitz and glamour. It’s important to decide on a theme that will complement additional display decor behind the fence so that each component works together to achieve an exceptional overall effect.


Cowgirl Pledge

At West Coast Cowgirl, we cater to the free spirit within you. We pride ourselves on a special line of products tailored to fit your everyday style. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  Have a beautiful day.

November 06, 2019 by Kathy Stenberg
JOMO - The joy of missing out

JOMO - The joy of missing out

In our world filled with social media available 24/7, many have acquired a fear called FOMO - the fear of missing out. What if we looked at it from a different perspective? JOMO. The joy of missing out. 
December 07, 2018 by Kathy Stenberg
West Coast Cowgirl jewelry and accessories blog

Style your Vintage Cowgirl Office Desk Space

Do you have a beautiful workspace you love to spend time every day? Here we walk you through our top tips for styling the perfect cowgirl desk space
Raini Bracelet and Mahela Bracelet are stackable and wrap bracelets made from natural stone

What about stackable Bracelets?

The Bracelet has been a large part of our daily dose of jewelry for a long time now. They have been a status symbol, a reflection of our style and even a small glimpse into the person we are striving to become. 
Wearing them for decoration and status started thousands of years ago. We’ve come a long way since the first Native American women started decorating their arms with pieces of bone and shell. 
In today’s society, we are bombarded with choices, we can wake up in the morning and decide that today we are going to be a career girl by delicately draping on a classy bracelet, perfect for the office. Later, we get home, throw our shoes off, slip on our favorite jeans and t-shirt twinned with our Halona Heart Bracelet and become a sultry cowgirl by nightfall.  

Halona Bracelet Cuff Bracelet with antique silver and turqoise bead
What about the trend you're seeing on the streets? The stackable bracelet... 
Here is a style that allows us to recycle our old, much-loved bracelets of times gone by and pair them - or even multi-stack them - with new deliciously subtle, or delightfully extravagant bracelets of our future. It is inexpensive, organic and it can change from day to day, even hour to hour, depending on your mood or destination.

So how to get the right look for you? 
Well, that’s easy, start trying them on together! Start off with what you feel comfortable with, as your confidence grow’s with matching styles and themes so will the size of your layers. Have fun with it and make sure your style evolves from day to day. 

Wrap Bracelets are a great way to start off, they come in different sizes and colors so you can choose the perfect balance of bracelets for you. 

Hania Stackable Wrap Bracelet with leather cording and natural stones and beads
Try looking at West Coast Cowgirl for some design ideas. 
Pair a wrap with a beaded bracelet or friendship bracelet to give it that layered look. Choose different sizes, patterns, and colors, try using different materials and shapes. 
Most of all have fun with it and don’t forget to add a little you with every layer!

Shop for stackable, wrap and friendship bracelets here.

Post provided by Egret Jewelry.

Pendant Jewelry Spotlight: A Hot, Eye-Catching Summer 2017 Trend

Pendant Jewelry Spotlight: A Hot, Eye-Catching Summer 2017 Trend

As summer 2017 heats up, one particular trend is increasingly on fire: Pendant necklaces that make a huge statement! This eye-catching style is no stranger to fans of Western and Rodeo Chic jewelry, but its place on the must-have shopping lists means that even more designers are producing these exquisite, memorable pieces. West Coast Cowgirl has you covered! Here’s a list of some of our favorite pendant necklaces that are ideal for any summer wardrobe. And, given that layering is another popular way to wear this style, now is the perfect time to pick up a few pieces that you love to pair together for a customized look!

Our Lilys Dream Catcher Necklace is a charming, wonderful piece full of Southwestern grace and Earthy appeal. Traditionally seen as a method of warding off negative energy and bad dreams, this gold or silver-tone necklace features delicate feathers along with its dream catcher design. With earthy-colored beads and a 65CM chain that’s fantastic for layering, this pendant necklace offers good Mojo and style in either stunning metallic hue!

 Available in three stunning hues, our Lustrous Necklace offers an Earth, Forest, or Sky  motif color choice, with multicolored rope strands and a gorgeous central pendant. The stone pendant is removal, making the 16” rope “chain” a lovely and subtle necklace choice, or Boho bracelet for a slender wrist. With silver-tone accents and inlaid gemstones corresponding with the blue, green, or brown theme of the piece, this stunning necklace is sure to be a favorite.

At West Coast Cowgirl we love our Rodeo Chic accessories, and our Jayesh Necklace is a remarkable blend of the pendant necklace trend and traditional Western style. This pendant, which is available in both antique gold and antique silver, features an eye-catching arrowhead pendant embellished with turquoise-colored sets. Turquoise beads adorn the Zinc Alloy 60CM chain, and the pendant itself is a bold, 2.67” size!

 When it comes to layering pendant necklaces, our Cowgirl Love – Cross Necklace is a versatile, charming option that blends beautifully with other pieces. This subtle but stunning necklace has a turquoise resin pendant that is 1.2” in length, with two styles available for the pendant itself – Cornered Cross, or Square Cross, to be exact! The 21” length of the chain provides lots of room to work this piece into many different outfits, and it’s sure to be a popular choice this summer with the high demand for quality, timeless pendant necklace styles!

No matter which pendant necklace speaks to you, we hope our suggestions here at West Coast Cowgirl will leave you inspired and excited to experiment with this hot summer 2017 jewelry trend! Our superb catalog of pendant-style jewelry makes layering simple, but even just one of our eye-catching pieces is the perfect new addition to your summer wardrobe in these sunny, bright months!

Rodeo Chic Style Guide: Jewelry and Accessory Recommendations

Rodeo Chic Style Guide: Jewelry and Accessory Recommendations

For many Western Jewelry and style enthusiasts, a Rodeo is an ideal opportunity for them to showcase their love of this exceptional fashion trend while feeling excited to be a part of something akin to modern Cowboy entertainment! And while Western, Southwestern, Rodeo, and “Cowboy” style trends come and go as do all others, some key staples are perfect for incorporating into your wardrobe if you’re just starting to attend Rodeos as someone that loves this popular trend of jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle!

At West Coast Cowgirl, we are committed to providing high quality, incredibly stylish jewelry and accessories that are “Rodeo Chic” and ready-to-wear to events with a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme, Rodeos, and other Western-style parties, and we hope the following ideas and suggestions will have you excited about your upcoming events! Just grab a pair of jeans, a huge, silver belt buckle, and a fun, Western-style shirt and pair them with any of the following suggestions for a polished, “Rodeo Chic” look!

A Killer Cowgirl Hat

It’s no wonder that “Rodeo Chic” incorporates countless Cowgirl Hat designs, making these accessories a fun, highly personal, fundamental piece of any Rodeo outfit! A killer hat sets your tastes apart, and can quickly become a hallmark piece of your Rodeo wardrobe. Let your personality shine, and don’t be afraid to use bold colors and fabric choices! For example, our Cowgirl Pride Hat is available in Electric Blue and Pink in addition to the more traditional Black, Camel, and Coffee color choices. Similarly, our popular Coco Lady Felt Hat has a Red color option on top of black and khaki, and the felt material with the beaded brim is memorable and stylish. It’s no wonder that so many “Rodeo Chic” fans end up with a whole wardrobe of cowgirl hats, considering how fun and versatile they are!

The Fringe Effect

 Without a doubt, “fringe” details are an integral part of Cowgirl fashion, and they are extremely fun and versatile for Rodeo events. A tiny amount goes a long way – consider pairing a garment or purse, such as our stunning Gabriel Handbag – with a simple base outfit, such as jeans and a white Western snap shirt, plus some fun Cowboy boots or hat. If your intended outfit or wardrobe is already completed and you want a more understated, jewelry piece to compliment your look, our Tawni Earrings incorporate the fringe theme without being over-saturated. These pebble stone earrings combine metal with dangling suede for an eye-catching, lovely design that softly moves when you walk, and they can be blended with other fringe elements as well without over-saturating your style!

Earthy Gemstone Details and Silver Styles

 While Cowboy boots and hats are all the rage in Rodeo Chic fashion, there’s no question that jewelry choices featuring agate, turquoise, and other earthy, Southwestern-style gemstones are crucial to this fashion trend. Our Diego Necklace is the perfect example, featuring a bold style that combines agate and turquoise beads for a charming effect, with a large slice of natural agate for its eye-catching pendant! Alternatively, if you’d like a silver jewelry set that’s ideal for any “Rodeo Chic” outfit, our new arrival Acadia Choker Jewelry Set combines the super on-trend Choker necklace style with a pair of matching earrings. With rhinestone details and either periwinkle or cardinal stone accent colors, this set is sure to be a go-to favorite for our Rodeo-loving customers!

Birthstone Spotlight: June's Pearl Perfection!

Birthstone Spotlight: June's Pearl Perfection!

Here at West Coast Cowgirl we pride ourselves in the diversity and variety of our Western-inspired jewelry selections. And while not every traditional monthly birthstone is a frequent visitor to our inventory, one stand-out monthly spotlight certainly is: The pearl! Pearls are the classic, time-honored "birthstone" for people born during the month of June, and they happen to also be a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2017's jewelry designs. We wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the lustrous, elegant, classic beauty of pearl jewelry, and to recommend some of our favorite pieces for new additions to your wardrobe OR for gifts to the June-born people in your life!

Our Remy Pearl Choker was featured in a previous blog post about Spring 2017 jewelry trends, and it remains a favorite here at West Coast Cowgirl. This stunning, chic necklace is offered in the highly desirable choker style, with a Boho design that utilizes saddle leather strands with freshwater pearls and ornate knotted details. It's a versatile accessory that is perfect for summer days and getaways, and it is a lovely choice for a jewelry lover whose birthday is in June!

Another popular accessory for the warm summer months is a stylish headband. Our Zoey Headband features bead and pearl embellishments over a dark, elastic band, making it an eye-catching blend of jewelry and function. Whether you wear it in a Boho style across your forehead, or go for a more classic look by wearing it in your hair, this charming headband won't slide around while it glistens and sparkles in the sunlight!

 If you, or the recipient on your shopping lists, favor a vintage look, West Coast Cowgirl's Baby Doll Choker is a remarkable blend of the timeless aesthetic of delicate floral chokers blended with the summery, understated beauty of a pearl charm. The cameo design further enhances the vintage appeal of this piece, and its soft, romantic look makes it a perfect choice for a dressy event or a formal affair.

Our Expecting to Fly necklace in the Color choice Pearl is a stunning, earthy example of Western charm for any wardrobe. Featuring a 2" pendant feather embellished with a pearl set (or turquoise, if you prefer), this necklace has an 18" chain, making it ideal for layering with other pieces. The whimsical, airy design makes it a natural choice for the summer months, and the subtle, playful pearl setting can be combined with other pearl accessories with ease.

According to an old Greek Legend, pearls are hardened tears of joy from the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was believed to be the goddess of love, and so pearls have long been associated with romance, weddings, and happiness. There is another old superstition that states that pearls, when worn, help to calm a restless mind and control anger, while promoting creative inspiration! Without a doubt, there is a host of lore and beliefs surrounding traditional monthly birthstones, but no one can contest that pearls are a beautiful, timeless addition to any jewelry collection. At West Coast Cowgirl we hope that our suggestions find you happy, healthy, and excited for the summer months!

Taurus Gemstone Jewelry: Special Pieces for “The Bulls” Among Us!

Taurus Gemstone Jewelry: Special Pieces for “The Bulls” Among Us!

 Traditionally, each Zodiac Sign has different birthstones attributed to them by Astrologers. Many jewelry enthusiasts are aware that each month of the year has a common gemstone attributed to it – for example, May has an association of emerald, followed by pearls in June. But beyond that, each sign of the Zodiac has additional gemstones tied to them – various myths and legends insist that people born under those Zodiac Signs will benefit from wearing these stones, gems, and precious metals. With May just around the corner, the month that composes the bulk of Taurus’ time in the spotlight, West Coast Cowgirl would love to focus on pieces of jewelry that could allegedly bring good luck, renewed health, and inspiration to people born under the sign of Taurus (April 21st – May 21st).

Turquoise is one of the most popular choices for Taurus associations, and its earthy, rich appearance conjures up images worthy of this noble Earth Sign. Taurus people are known to be practical, sensual, and stylish folk, and West Coast Cowgirl’s stunning Cowboy Song Lariat Necklace could be the perfect fit. Taurus is also believed to “rule the neck and throat,” according to Astrology, and this chic piece certainly draws attention to the neckline. The small turquoise bead is a subtle nod to Taurus associations, and the choker style of the necklace itself ties in perfectly with other Spring 2017 jewelry trends.

 In addition to turquoise, agate is another gemstone that is often attributed to people born under the sign of “The Bull.” Our Diego Necklace is an ideal combination of these two powerful stones, and the intricate agate and turquoise beads give this a stunning look. Paired with a large pendant that is a slice of natural agate, this necklace is also a great way to incorporate the reoccurring trend of statement jewelry into your wardrobe.

If you prefer agate gemstones, or you’re looking to capture a specific, Boho vibe, West Coast Cowgirl’s Hoshi Tassel Necklace combines natural agate beads and a fun, western-worthy light brown tassel. It has an earthy, quiet sophistication, but a unique charm that makes it a versatile addition to both Bohemian and more traditional collections. Its approximate 31.5” length is ideal for layering!

 West Coast Cowgirl’s inventory isn’t limited to necklaces, of course! We also have a stunning cuff bracelet that fits that hot trend exactly, while also offering Taurus connections via our turquoise color choice. Our Quidam Bracelet is a tri-embellished cuff that is silver plated and has a glorious western charm and appeal. It’s a bold, trendy look, and one that is certain to carry you through the 2017 seasons and become a staple in your wardrobe!

If gemstones aren’t your style, but you’d still love to give a nod towards Taurus in your jewelry choices, our Allegre Earring could be the ideal solution. Copper is a metal associated with our industrious, strong Bull members of the Zodiac, and these hammered plated silver and copper alloy earrings have a subtle but eye-catching charm. The combination of metals gives these pieces a quiet industrial edge, but the drop style is a classic, timeless design.

 Whether you are buying for yourself or looking for gift ideas, West Coast Cowgirl has you covered! May means three weeks of Taurus birthdates, and our large stock of turquoise, agate, and copper pieces provide plenty of options to choose from!