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Birthstone Spotlight: June's Pearl Perfection!

Birthstone Spotlight: June's Pearl Perfection!

Here at West Coast Cowgirl we pride ourselves in the diversity and variety of our Western-inspired jewelry selections. And while not every traditional monthly birthstone is a frequent visitor to our inventory, one stand-out monthly spotlight certainly is: The pearl! Pearls are the classic, time-honored "birthstone" for people born during the month of June, and they happen to also be a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2017's jewelry designs. We wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the lustrous, elegant, classic beauty of pearl jewelry, and to recommend some of our favorite pieces for new additions to your wardrobe OR for gifts to the June-born people in your life!

Our Remy Pearl Choker was featured in a previous blog post about Spring 2017 jewelry trends, and it remains a favorite here at West Coast Cowgirl. This stunning, chic necklace is offered in the highly desirable choker style, with a Boho design that utilizes saddle leather strands with freshwater pearls and ornate knotted details. It's a versatile accessory that is perfect for summer days and getaways, and it is a lovely choice for a jewelry lover whose birthday is in June!

Another popular accessory for the warm summer months is a stylish headband. Our Zoey Headband features bead and pearl embellishments over a dark, elastic band, making it an eye-catching blend of jewelry and function. Whether you wear it in a Boho style across your forehead, or go for a more classic look by wearing it in your hair, this charming headband won't slide around while it glistens and sparkles in the sunlight!

 If you, or the recipient on your shopping lists, favor a vintage look, West Coast Cowgirl's Baby Doll Choker is a remarkable blend of the timeless aesthetic of delicate floral chokers blended with the summery, understated beauty of a pearl charm. The cameo design further enhances the vintage appeal of this piece, and its soft, romantic look makes it a perfect choice for a dressy event or a formal affair.

Our Expecting to Fly necklace in the Color choice Pearl is a stunning, earthy example of Western charm for any wardrobe. Featuring a 2" pendant feather embellished with a pearl set (or turquoise, if you prefer), this necklace has an 18" chain, making it ideal for layering with other pieces. The whimsical, airy design makes it a natural choice for the summer months, and the subtle, playful pearl setting can be combined with other pearl accessories with ease.

According to an old Greek Legend, pearls are hardened tears of joy from the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was believed to be the goddess of love, and so pearls have long been associated with romance, weddings, and happiness. There is another old superstition that states that pearls, when worn, help to calm a restless mind and control anger, while promoting creative inspiration! Without a doubt, there is a host of lore and beliefs surrounding traditional monthly birthstones, but no one can contest that pearls are a beautiful, timeless addition to any jewelry collection. At West Coast Cowgirl we hope that our suggestions find you happy, healthy, and excited for the summer months!

Eye Catching Jewelry Trends for 2017

Eye Catching Jewelry Trends for 2017

A new year means new fashion ideas. Wearing jewelry and adorning with accessories will always be a popular way to show off your own style. Fashion experts and magazines will differ in the details, but current fashion ideas are clear to see a variety of applications. Western-style accessories and jewelry, many which you can readily find on West Coast, are right in line with what are being touted as 2017 Jewelry trends.

Shining, dangling earrings are making a comeback. There is even a growing trend to wear one long, glitzy or big hoop earring only. Whether you go for a single one or a pair, earrings that sparkle and shine draw attention to your face and hair, and make an ideal complimentary statement. Our Anevay totem tassel earrings will be sure to turn heads and make others take notice. For some elegant dangling glitz, try our Phoebe Chandelier earrings, perfect for an evening out.

We have already talked about the big trend in  layered bracelets. Now, layered necklaces are getting into the mix. Wearing several necklaces together allows for a great way to mix and match your moods and outfits. We make it even easier by offering a variety of layered necklaces, providing multiple strands within one piece, a great practical idea to help keep your chains from tangling while worn. Some of our layered necklaces also showcase another growing trend for 2017, the talisman, or good luck 

charm necklace. Dangling charms have moved from bracelets to chains, giving us another way to make a symbolic statement in the jewelry we wear. Our New Friends Layered Necklace comes in silver and gold, and includes dangling feather and coin charms. A fun and bright good luck charm piece can also be found with our Wealth & Plenty Necklace. These beaded necklaces include classic western charms for wealth and abundance. Put one of these on, and you are sure to feel lucky.

Another trend for the year are tassels. These fringe heavy adornments made a big splash in fashion circles with the growing popularity of the Steampunk movement. But Tassels have been long used in western wear, and still make an excellent color statement. Wear a touch of the Victorian era when going out on the town with our Tender Mist earrings. Our Ocean Breeze Necklace combines the allure of the tassel with the statement of layering chains into one piece.

Fashion trends come and go, yet classic elements remain exciting to wear as you can see in the big 2017 jewelry trends. The start of a new year is also a great time to refresh your accessory collection. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone, or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly, so be sure to check back often.