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Leo Gemstone Jewelry – “The Lions” Shine in This Summer Spotlight!

Leo Gemstone Jewelry – “The Lions” Shine in This Summer Spotlight!

 As part of our ongoing spotlight on each Zodiac Sign it’s time to take a look at Leo, also known as “The Lion,” just in time for their birthday period! Born between the dates of July 23rd – August 22nd, Leos are believed to be warm, gregarious, and generous individuals who embrace their own style above all others! As with the other eleven Zodiac Signs, Leo has gemstones associated with their rulership – these gems, metals, and minerals are believed to be especially lucky when worn by members of this passionate fire sign. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a Leo loved one, we hope that these suggestions help you find the perfect jewelry piece!

 Leo is said to rule the heart and chest, and the precious metal of gold. Their other gemstones and associations include petrified/molded wood and sunny, summery minerals like citrine and amber. Fortunately, West Coast Cowgirl’s collection of gold jewelry is versatile and vast, and we have many pieces worthy of royalty! (Leos are often referred to as the royalty of the Zodiac!)

One of the most traditional associations for “The Lions” and their rulership is Onyx. Our Sonador Dreamer Necklace in Onyx is a regal, eye-catching statement piece! This exquisite piece has silver-plated medallions paired with large, round onyx discs and simulated natural stones. The majesty of this piece certainly blends well with the regal, refined demeanor of many Leos, and is sure to be a big hit!

 Our New Friends Layered Necklace in Gold is a charming, elegant and interesting blend of the layering trend that’s so popular in 2017 with the gold associations of “The Lions” rulership. With tiny round discs that resemble little suns – Leo’s traditional ruler is the Sun, too – and delicate feathers and beadwork, this gorgeous necklace is summery and understated but sure to go with every wardrobe.

If earrings are more your style our Tanya Earrings capitalize on the Geometic trend for Summer 2017 while incorporating the Wood rulership of “The Lions.” Embellished with sunny metal accents, these beautiful earrings are modern and sophisticated while subtly combining numerous hot looks. Made with Zinc Alloy and 7.8cm long, our Tanya Earrings are a versatile addition to a summer jewelry collection that can blend splendidly with any wardrobe.

 West Coast Cowgirl’s collection has numerous bracelets that are gorgeous gifts – to you, or to someone else! But our Kestral Bracelet is a particularly ideal choice when shopping for a Leo because of its vast color availability! Each piece combines the Gold associations tied to “The Lions” with an accent leather strip and rhinestone embellishments; this stunning jewelry piece is available in Lavender, Tan, Black, Pink, Sea Foam Green, and Purple! At 19cm in length, the Kestral Bracelet also captures the layered look in a charming, original way.

 “The Lions” are one of the most social, endearing, charming members of the Zodiac according to Astrology, and we hope that our collection inspires you to find something ideal for the Leo on your shopping list! Ruled by the Sun, Leos rein over the summer like the regal lions they are, while being chic, sophisticated, and fun!

Gemini Gemstone Jewelry: Special Pieces for “The Twins” Among Us!

Gemini Gemstone Jewelry: Special Pieces for “The Twins” Among Us!

As a part of our monthly focus on jewelry for each Zodiac Sign, we wanted to continue from on our previous post about gifts for Taurus individuals. West Coast Cowgirl is excited to move on to the next sign of the Zodiac: Gemini! People born during May 21 – June 21 are considered to be “The Twins” in Astrology – an intelligent, open-minded, curious bunch of individuals who enjoy a variety of creative pursuits! With this section of the “Wheel” of Zodiac signs approaching rapidly, we wanted to take the opportunity to suggest some jewelry items for people born during the time of Gemini. Whether you are a Gemini yourself, or you’re shopping for one of “The Twins” in your life, we hope that these suggestions will be a fun, new alternative to more traditional choices!

 Each sign of the Zodiac “rules” numerous things, from a part of the body – the arms, in the case of Gemini – to different metals, flowers, gemstones, and colors. These specific items and themes are supposed to be extra lucky for “The Twins” when they wear/use them, which make them a fun gift selection for those born during these weeks in May and June!

 One of the gemstones that are associated with Gemini is agate, a beautiful, earthy choice that lends well to a variety of styles. Our Angelina Multi-Layer Necklace features natural stones in a multistrand necklace design, with authentic agate stone beads included. The multi-layer design is reminiscence of the duality Gemini are known for, and the 60cm/70cm/80cm lengths make this piece extremely versatile in terms of wardrobe compatibility.

  Given that Gemini rules the arms and the hands, West Coast Cowgirl’s extensive collection of bracelet options is a natural choice for these wonderful, energetic people! Our gorgeous Sundance Crystal Bracelet is a particularly fun choice, given that the antique design features bejeweled circles that are interconnected – much like the symbol for Gemini, themselves! With a toggle clasp and four color choices, this stunning bracelet is a subtle nod to “The Twins” area of the body, with an understated Western motif great for gift-giving.

 Pearls are a huge trend for Spring 2017, with numerous runway shows featuring a plethora of pearl-focused jewelry and accessories. Pearls are also a precious “gemstone” associated with Gemini (not to mention being the primary birthstone for June babies!), which makes our assortment of pearl options an incredible selection for June-born Gemini jewelry lovers especially!

For example, our Mollys Flower Pearl Necklace an ideal pearl choice for the Gemini jewelry lovers in our lives! “The Twins” are a sign of duality, and Astrology tells us that these individuals often straddle the line between numerous things – tastes, interests, beliefs, styles, and so on. The innate duality of this necklace when purchased in the Black Flower color option is reminiscent of the two-sided aspect that Gemini is so well known for! It’s an ideal piece for any wardrobe, and can be worn up or down for both a casual or dressy aesthetic. The 64cm length makes it extremely flexible in terms of layering as well!

Another wonderful choice in terms of gorgeous pearl pieces is the Cloud Dancer Necklace that has become a favorite here at West Coast Cowgirl. This simple, chic necklace features adorable pearl embellishments and a stylish lariat style chain. The leaf branch connector is an understated nod to spring and summer, and it can be adjusted in length by pulling the tear drop pearl setting to the desired length.

 The Zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with the bright, memorable color Yellow, which is a fantastic choice for any spring jewelry purchase. Its cheerful, energetic vibe is a winning compliment to the fun-going, exciting nature of “The Twins,” and our Tobinana Bracelet in the Lemon color combines both the association of yellow hues with Gemini’s rulership of the arms and hands. The feather charm is whimsical and fun, and conjures Air associations as well – the traditional element for Gemini people! This adorable bracelet is available in eight colors including Lemon, so if a yellow hue doesn’t fit with your wardrobe you can always select a different shade and still be incorporating the bracelet trend into your Gemini recipient’s collection!

 Gemini are a creative, inspirational people according to Astrology, so it’s no wonder that their tastes are very varied and eccentric. However, we hope that our guide to jewelry choices for “The Twins” will help you in either adding to your own jewelry collection, or to choose a gift for the Gemini on your shopping list!