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Dress Up Those Boots! 5 Ways to Wear “Boot Bling”

It’s officially boot season! And honestly, it’s boot season no matter the weather, am I right? While we tend to accessorize every other part of our wardrobe with jewelry, belts, and hats, we don’t often accessorize our feet, specifically our boots. Whether you’re wearing western boots, riding boots, or any kind of boot, you’re feet will love being dressed up with “boot bling” this holiday season.

Boot bracelets are like anklets for your your boot. There are so many varieties to choose from. You can even personalize these bracelets by adding a monogrammed charm or special pendant of your own. Boot bracelets often include charms, beads, feathers, flowers and many other embellishments, making each one very unique.

Boot chains are similar to boot bracelets but they are simply chains. These can be worn with any type of boot. Most of them not only clip around the boot, but also under, to create a strap-like chain.

Boot tips are added to the tips of your cowboy or western boots. They are usually made from brass or a silver-plated or gold-tone material. You can find many that are hand-made and hand-engraved, making these an original piece to add to your boot wardrobe.


Boot socks are a very practical way to accessorize those boots during the winter season. They are made specifically to wear under those knee high boots, making them soft and not think or bulky. They add a little extra flair to your outfit while also keeping your legs nice and warm.


Boot cuffs are perfect for the colder season, as they add extra warmth for your legs. Although similar to boot socks, they differ by sitting at the top of your boot, just like a cuff. These are perfect for those who prefer not to wear high knee socks with their boots. Boot cuffs come in many different colors and may have buttons or lace added for extra adornment.


Do you dress up your own boots? Which one of these unique accessories would you add to your boot wardrobe?


December 21, 2017 by Kathy Stenberg