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Chokers: The New Bolo Tie in Western Jewelry

Chokers, those close-fitting necklaces which wrap around the neck, are making a big when it comes to fashion statements. These are versatile necklaces which can be made of most any material, and make for a stunning accessory. Choker designs have changed over the years, with a new flare for layering being the dominant theme to this type of jewelry. The latest design inspirations for chokers are also reminiscent of the bolo tie, the original western style choker. Enhanced choker styles of today include tying options, as can be seen in the types of chokers you can find at West Coast Cowgirl Jewelry.

Chokers have long been worn by different cultures around the world. One of the biggest surges in popularity came in the late 1800’s, when Alexandra, Queen of Denmark and Princess of Wales, was seen as the epitome of Victorian fashion. It is said she wore chokers to hide a scar, and was influenced by the women of India, and their style of elaborate adornment. Whatever the reason, those who knew high fashion at the time emulated her style. Often wearing rows of pearls or gemstones, Alexandra’s fashion sense broadened the possibilities of chokers from a simple ribbon to so much more. it comes to western style jewelry, the choker is a piece that is right at home with the rest of your accessories. With the rising popularity of layering and tying chokers, these necklaces take the idea of bolo tie to a whole new level. Bolo ties are a type of choker, with typical designs  made of leather or cording with an ornamental clasp which rests close to the neck. With today’s chokers, some designs are longer than normal, providing the option of tying the choker as close you want it, and leaving the ends to dangle. Often you will find the ends have their own ornamental pieces, much like a bolo tie. These ornaments add to the striking nature of a choker. Layering is another option that is catching on; wearing two or three chokers together can help elongate the neckline and makes for a stunning statement.

I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you will find a wide variety of jewelry options, including chokers of different designs and styles. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly, so be sure to check back often.