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Western-Style Jewelry Enhances Our Western Identity

If you love the way of life we enjoy in the American West, you are probably like me and love western-style jewelry. One way to connect with our western identity is through the jewelry we wear. When we find a piece that we are drawn to, wearing a special necklace or bracelet brings a certain something extra to our personal sense of pride and place.

But what exactly is western-style jewelry? As an art style, western jewelry has specific elements which are as varied as any showing you might find in a gallery; yet, it’s a style which is instinctively recognizable. Pulling from a romanticized connection to the past, western jewelry takes inspiration from old leather craftsmanship techniques of the wild west in the late 1800s, as well as from Native cultures in the region.

There are common icons which speak of the American West, such as horseshoes, lassos, cowboy boots and horses. Natural metals and stones found around the Western United States also speak to our cultural and historical connections. Turquoise, smoky quartz and agate have long been worked into beautifully detailed works of art alongside silver and gold. Metal-working techniques such as filigree carving incorporate the natural world of leaves and flowers into many a western-style piece of jewelry.

Cultural heritage designs from the Arapaho, Navajo and Ute Nations, for example, have long made their mark in Western jewelry. That we can still enjoy the fine craftsmanship of these amazing artists today in our modern world, brings a personal connection to the past, and a deep connection to the strength of spirit inherent in western native peoples.

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