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The Allure of Turquoise in Western Jewelry there is one iconic stone which speaks volumes towards what makes Western style jewelry a specific fashion, it is turquoise. From the way it pairs with silver remarkably well, to the historical connections with America’s old west, turquoise is a stone everyone can love and appreciate. There is also a lot more to this soothing, light blue stone that you may imagine.

When it comes to wearing jewelry, we choose what we are drawn to. Many are drawn the beauty of turquoise, especially those who enjoy the romance of the old west. This gemstone is found in drier climates, so the American west is one of the best known places to find it. Turquoise can also be found as far south as Mexico and Chile, and as far east as China, Tibet and Iran. Ornamental jewelry from all of these regions features turquoise with their own style, making for a wide range of beautiful and striking designs to choose from.

The colors of turquoise vary, from pale, sky-blue to a greenish-blue and many hues in As a natural stone, turquoise is also affected by its surroundings. Different minerals can be seen in stones, and some will even affect the color. These differences give each region where turquoise is mined, a unique look and feel to the stones. A piece of stunning, light blue turquoise with a mosaic of black or brown minerals blooming across the surface, needs no ‘improvement” to the wow factor. Mineral variations add to this vibrant stone, and can include copper, iron and zinc. has long been held as a stone of protection by different cultures. Some Native Americans even used turquoise in their arrows so they would fly straight and sure. Turquoise is the birthstone for those born in December; a piece of turquoise jewelry makes and ideal birthday, or holiday gift. An important tip to know about turquoise: this soft stone can fade by too much exposure to sunlight, perfumes and cosmetics. Use a soft chamois cloth to gently cleanse your turquoise, and store in a soft pouch or jewelry box when not wearing.

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