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Three Things to Consider When Wearing Statement Jewelry

West Coast Cowgirl Walking ThunderWhen it comes to wearing spectacular, bold jewelry, there is a right way and a wrong way to make a statement. Wearing large pieces of western style jewelry is a great way to show off your style, but there are three key areas to think about before you step out.
The clothes you wear, other accessories, and simplicity all play a role in making the right bold statement about who you are when wearing statement jewelry.

What you wear can either enhance or detract from large accessory pieces. Statement
jewelry is typically big and full of detail and color. You want others to notice your necklace, not the clash of a pattern which can hide it away. To make your jewelry stand out, stick with single colors; neutral, black, or white are best. For both necklaces and earrings, attention to the neckline of your top or dress is important. Collars with their own details or higher necks can draw the eye away from your jewelry. If you have a
bright cuff bracelet to wear, keep your arm bear if possible, or wear something with close fitting sleeves and wear your bracelet on top.

Wearing a piece of statement jewelry will also impact the other jewelry you wear. To
West Coast Cowgirl Beaded Bracelethelp keep from looking weighed down, it is a good idea to avoid wearing big earrings and necklaces together, or large rings and bracelets. Mix them up instead. Go for a ring with bling along with a striking necklace, or pair a colorful cuff bracelet with large dangling earrings. By breaking up where your jewelry is on your body, you make a flowing statement, creating a coordinated look. These pairings for statement jewelry also help balance out your ensemble, sure to attract positive attention.

Bold statement jewelry ultimately comes down to simplicity. If you keep it simple, your statement of style will not be missed; you’ll be the talk of the evening. Often, one
West Coast Cowgirl Elita Earringscolorful piece is all that is needed
. Layering pieces together can also make a big statement, but do so with simplicity in mind for greater impact and less confusion. A lot of necklaces or bracelets can look too busy and less sophisticated. Keep large bracelets and rings to one arm or hand. This can help create a symmetry of interest in what you wear.

Western Style statement jewelry can say a lot about who you are in a bold and colorful way. I invite you to check out our products at West Coast Cowgirl, where you can find a variety of statement jewelry at our website. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone, or ready to treat yourself to something new, products are added regularly, so be sure to check back often.