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Feathers Add a Touch of Fun to your Hair

Fashion trends come and go, and come back again. Often, what is currently popular is influenced by trends from different eras. One growing trend in hair accessories is reminiscent of the hippie, flower-power designs from the 1960s. Once again, you can find corded headbands with long feathered and beaded strands. These fun and charming hair accessories are perfect for a party, concert, or festival.

Our Taya Feathered Headband is a perfect example. This bohemian warrior princess headband has several gorgeous feathers dangling with striking beaded accents. You will feel like you can fly with these colorful feathers adorning your hair. something with a touch of elegant simplicity, our Giva Feathered Headband is inspired by Native American design, with four long cords ending in natural colored feathers. With a single bead holding the cords together, this headband is easily adjustable for comfort. Each cluster of feathers is capped by earth toned beads to finish the look.

Feathers are not only beautiful; they can bring a sense of happiness to anyone who wears them. For a bit of whimsy and charm, a feathered headband can’t be beat. Our Deva Feathered Headband will add a splash of color and fun to any outfit. With varying sized feathers and brightly colored beads, wearing this head band is sure to make you smile.

If you are ready to add a touch of fun and something different to your hair accessory options, feathered headbands are a great option. Corded headbands are also sizable, so you can be sure they will be comfortable, and the lightweight feathers keep these pieces easy to wear all day.

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